Reaming Shell

Reaming Shell Reaming Shell
Product name : Reaming Shell
Item : TL-3-2
Price : Negotiable
Details :
Reaming shells is set with natural or synthetic diamonds,which is designed to sit above the Diamond Bit or high on the Outer Tube.It's main function is to ream the hole to the correct constant specific diameter, which ensures adequate clearance for the core barrel and sufficient clearance for the new bit which replace an old one.It also acts as a stabilizer for drill bits.
Using quality natural diamonds set in a very resistant matrix, the natural diamonds sections are acturally cast into the matrix and become an integral part of the shell. It ensures maximum performance as the shell will maintain a full gauge hole in all types of grounds.

Size O.D.(mm)
AQ 47.75
BQ 59.69
NQ 75.44
NQ3 75.44
HQ 95.76
PQ 122.30
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